The Grace of Being Online Shop

Before the current global lock down situation, introduction and foundational training in the Grace of Being occurred during the Awakening the Inner Diamond retreats that Dhaya Dorje would host in person. But given the current situation he is now making these teachings available online so that people can be exposed to the teachings and begin to train at home.  These trainings are an invaluable resource and opportunity for anyone inspired to deepen their inner-knowledge, well being, and self-mastery.

Each online course features:

Hours of video content - featuring Dhaya Dorje demonstrating and transmitting teachings and practices.

Videos filmed in diverse places in nature. This way one can feel the energy of nature and the spirit of the Grace of Being - living in harmony with nature, simply being, in and with nature.

With each course one has the unique opportunity to receive real time guidance, feedback, training, and mentorship from Dhaya Dorje himself through 1 on 1 skype sessions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact: