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This course comes out of more than 15 years of going to Vadalur, India and researching Vallalar and the Siddha traditions connected to immortality. All these years I spent time translating with my brother, Arul, and for more than 10 years I taught the Grace Light Knowledge path in countries all over the world in relation to Vallalar’s message and teachings, which are very much affiliated with the original Essene tradition. Many of the practices you find in this course I received to help complement Vallalar's message and to help people prepare their body, energy, and mind to receive the Grace Light.

This course is really a combination of Vallalar's knowledge and the knowledge I have received and gained from my experience and practice as well as my background in other traditions – which really helped me understand Vallalar’s message. Without my background in Dzogchen, for example, I would not understand Vallalar the way I do - because I can see that in the way he describes some experiences they are like advanced Dzogchen practices, like thogal.

In Buddhism and Dzogchen, we say everything is empty of origin, while Vallalar says that everything is full. To me, they are both saying the same thing. So it is just a question of perspective, how you see things, and how you bring words to experience. Buddhists emphasize emptiness, but in this you have life, presence, love - you have all. Vallalar says that everything is full in the universe - full of Light, full of divine Grace… In some ways we can say, okay this is like the yin and the yang. Emptiness is like the yin, but within the yin there is the yang, and vis versa, so in the end you have the same understanding, simply different expressions. So even if the Grace Light Knowledge feels sometimes like a dual teaching, it is okay, because this is true knowledge of how to apply duality and non duality. Each one has its own place in space and time, when you really understand what their functions are. In reality there is no duality or non-duality, these are just concepts, ideas.

These teachings are very accessible to everyone and quite simple. They do not require any advanced yoga practices, and everyone can find some comfort and joy within themselves through these practices. Even if at one point in the course I go into asana practices, like in the kaya kalpa series, for example, it is just a little part of the course. Salutations can be done by anyone – even while sitting in a chair. The Light and the Grace are accessible everywhere at any time, freely, if you really understand how to align yourself to receive the Grace and to let your life be guided by Grace. So, this approach is really for everybody. Similar in some ways to the message that Christ brought, the message before the church. He brought a message of love, openness, and service - helping those in need with love and presence and understanding how to develop healing-transformation knowledge. So, in many ways I find this path of Grace Light knowledge is a good pillar for my teachings, and very accessible to all.

Many Blessings & Love to you.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Message

  • 2


    • Grace Light Yoga in 5 Steps - ebook

    • Two Great Essene Masters - Vallalar & Jesus - ebook

    • Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light - ebook

    • Vallalar & His Relation to the Siddhas

  • 3


    • Maha Mantra - Arut Perum Jothi

    • The Four Pillars of Meditation

    • The Mystic Way of Meditation to Contemplation

  • 4


    • Short Salutation - Demonstration & Explanation

    • Short Salutation - Demonstration

    • Long Salutation - Demonstration & Explanation

    • Benefit & How to Use Salutation

    • How to Introduce Asanas within the Salutation

    • Importance of Space Gazing

  • 5


    • Divine Mother

    • Arati

    • Shiva Bogam

    • Arul Vilake - English Version

    • Arul Vilake - Chant

    • Arul Vilake - Without Melody

    • Dedication

    • Jeeva Karunai - Introduction

    • Jeeva Karunai & Blissful Life - Reading & Commentary

  • 6


    • Hands on Healing - Introduction

    • Hands on Healing - How to Prepare for Initiation

    • Hands on Healing - Initiation

    • Herbs for Transformation & Longevity

    • Reversing the Process of DNA

    • Lifting the Seven Veils

  • 7


    • Fire Puja

    • Water Purification Practice

    • Kissing the Earth Practice

    • Six Kaya Kalpa Yoga Set - Demonstration / No Commentary

    • Six Kaya Kalpa Yoga Set - Transition Movement

    • Six Kaya Kalpa Yoga Set - #1

    • Six Kaya Kalpa Yoga Set - #2

    • Six Kaya Kalpa Yoga Set - #3

    • Six Kaya Kalpa Yoga Set - #4

    • Six Kaya Kalpa Yoga Set - #5

    • Six Kaya Kalpa Yoga Set - #6

  • 8


    • On Tears

    • Blessing Food

  • 9


    • Va Si Practice

    • Inner Sound Practice

    • Third Eye Meditation

    • Developing Third Eye Vision

    • Sun Gazing Practice

    • Meditation For Sleep

    • Sat Vicharam / Divine Self Inquiry

    • Golden Sphere of Light Meditation

  • 10


    • Evolution of Food

    • The Three Levels of Joy

    • How to use Duality & Non-Duality

    • What is the Grace Light Way of Life?

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