About this Course

Namaskar. Welcome to the Kuan Yin Tao Tantra course. This is a continuity of the teachings that I am giving. We started with Dragon Buddha Yoga and now we have Kuan Yin Tao Tantra. The Tao aspect is Qi Gong and the Tao Yin. The Tao Yin is like a merging between some of the inner practices that you find in some tsa lung and the Tao practices of Neidang. The tantric aspect is more connected to the mantras and transformation and the energy of Kuan Yin itself. It is an introduction to Vajrayana teaching and the understanding and knowledge of transforming into the yidam. The Yidam in this case is Kuan Yin. 

Both Tao and Tantra are paths of transformation that help prepare you for Ati Yoga. 

In Kuan Yin Tao Tantra we are going deeper inside and are feeling and learning about the qi inside us, learning about the feminine energy and how to surrender to it. We are learning how to let go totally. This course is very much connected with going deeply inside, it is a much more feminine approach. With this we can begin to develop and open our heart of pure compassion and love.  

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction & Welcome

    • Course Introduction

  • 2

    Kuan Yin Salutation

    • Instruction

  • 3

    Kuan Yin Mantra & Invocation

    • Instruction

  • 4

    Kuan Yin Meditation

    • Instruction

  • 5

    Kuan Yin Tantra

    • Instruction

  • 6

    Qi Gong Warm Up Series

    • Warm Up 1

    • Warm Up 2

    • Warm Up 3

    • Warm Up 4

    • Warm Up 5

    • Warm Up 6

    • Warm Up 7

    • Warm Up 8

    • Warm Up 9

    • Warm Up 10

    • Warm Up 11

    • Warm Up 12

    • Warm Up 13

    • Warm Up - Shake

    • Warm Up - Swing Side to Side

    • Warm Up - Swing Up & Down

    • Warm Up - Lean Side to Side

  • 7

    Kuan Yin 1000 Hands Sacred Movements (Qigong)

    • Standing Posture

    • Qi Gong Invocation

    • Qi Gong 1

    • Qi Gong 2

    • Qi Gong 3

    • Qi Gong 4

    • Qi Gong 5

    • Qi Gong 6

    • Qi Gong 7

    • Qi Gong 8

  • 8

    Kuan Yin Tao Yin

    • Tao Yin 1

    • Tao Yin 2

    • Tao Yin 3

    • Tao Yin 4

    • Tao Yin 5

    • Tao Yin 6

    • Tao Yin 7

    • Tao Yin 8

    • Tao Yin 9

    • Tao Yin 10

    • Tao Yin 11

    • Transition Movement

  • 9

    Making Contact with Kuan Yin

    • Instruction

  • 10

    Meditation & Ritual to Eliminate Obstacles

    • Full Practice, No Commentary

    • Kuan Yin Invocation & Liturgy

    • Guru Yoga

    • Refuge Chant

    • Purification of 5 Elements

  • 11

    Kuan Yin Oracle

    • Instruction

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